Yoga for Creativity With MaryBeth LaRue


Here’s an online class, brought to you by Yoga Journal, geared towards using yoga as a vehicle to open up your creative energy. Led by Wanderlust Los Angeles yogi MaryBeth LaRue, the mission of this seven-week online class is to take you on a physical, mental, and spiritual journey to deepen your connection to your creative truth. Seven weeks … seven chakras! Each week will address an individual chakra. Also included are weekly meditations, targeted asanas, journal assignments, and intention-setting. I can tell you from personal experience that just doing specific breathing exercises for the throat chakra — associated with your thyroid, the center of listening, communication and creativity — has been amazing for me. Just think of what it will feel like after seven weeks?

Details: Course starts July 11th, 2016; Cost: $250. Find more details here.

Need a little refresher on your chakras? Here’s a helpful guide!



Leonor Greyl – Paris


Today is the day that I finally treated myself to a customized “Hairspa Treatment” at Leonor Greyl in Paris. As a recent transplant to the city, I’ve been … busy. Moving anywhere is intense and moving abroad just dials it up even further. But then again, it is Paris. And amidst sorting the apartment out, settling on a school for my daughter, and the general hilarity of dusting off my French again for unsuspecting Parisians, the city is such a jewel. (Even if it has been under a stubborn rain cloud!) And, for self-care? C’est top! Women love to pamper themselves here. And, though I’m sure many go the day spa route from time the time, the real pampering is in the everyday attention to hair, skin, nails, and their “esprit.”

But today was not about the everyday. Today was about indulgence. Upon arrival, I was in a robe and escorted to a cozy room. My lovely attendant started by applying the amazing Huile de Leonor Greyl to my scalp with a lovely massage. She then produced a magical little machine that examined my scalp. The verdict? Hydration, hydration, hydration! Then came the customized treatment of oils mixed with deep conditioning, a neck and shoulder massage and finally a 15 minute steam session. Amazing. Hair like silk. I’m hooked.

If you are traveling to Paris, this is a heavenly respite from the usual go-go-go pace. Also, the products are incredible. Only all natural plant extracts and vitamins — paraben, silicon, and cruelty-free. I’m a new devotee to their Regenerescence Naturelle Scalp Oil, followed by the Huile de Leonor Greyl plus Masque Fleurs de Jasmin mask. Home spa sorted!

Leonor Greyl

Leonor Greyl Paris


The Body Holiday – St. Lucia


The Body Holiday has always been about one thing: “Give us your body for a week, we’ll give you back your mind.” The resort typically makes the “Best of…” lists because of its consistent focus on well-being and renewal. Definitely on the more luxury end, The Body Holiday has location… location… location. St. Lucia is a jewel of an island. You have probably seen the two lush Pitons mountains in photographs (a World Heritage Site), but there is also the Soufriere Volcano (don’t worry — inactive) with its sulphur springs (and fantastic hot mud baths) that brings people from all over. The Body Holiday, located on the North coast, offers every kind of water sport, yoga, meditation and body work. The spa is major. You can find everything. Thalgo? Check. Ayurveda? Check. Hydrotherapy, Aromatherapy, even something called Far Infrared (an infrared sauna that improves blood circulation and joint mobility). The list is exhaustive. Happy exhaustion.  Upcoming Theme months are for Solo Travelers and Yoga lovers.

Wanderlust – Multiple Locations


Let’s just call it what it is: a Mecca for mindfulness, community, positivity, exploration, and fun. There is a lot going at Wanderlust. A lot. However, don’t let the thought of constant crowds put you off. Amid the energetic and intoxicating atmosphere, there are plenty of moments to find solitude and … just be. Thanks in no small part to the sheer exquisiteness of this festival’s many locations like Squaw Valley, Aspen, Snowmass, Whistler BC, and more.

Yoga classes are plentiful, teachers are top tier, and all levels are welcome. Vinyasa, aerial and standup paddle boarding — everything is there. Meditation sessions are plentiful and let’s not forget the music. There are dj’d yoga classes, guided meditations that incorporate music, dance parties, and the Electric Main Stage, where music of all varieties are scheduled throughout the event. The Food Co-Op, Beauty Bar by Aveda, and hanging out in the “Uncommons” just add to the dynamism.

What draws many is the amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Hiking and nature walks are available, but there is something deep about being in a certain setting and just gazing out over the horizon. Perhaps the best meditation?

Come solo, with friends, or family. It’s just people positive. Check out more information here about all the different locations and more festival information.

Upcoming dates: June 30-July 3rd, Aspen-Snowmass; July 14-17th, Squaw Valley; July 28-Aug.1, Whistler, BC


Summer Workshops at Omega Institute


With the tagline, “Awakening the best in the human spirit,” there’s a lot to love about the Omega Institute. Located in idyllic Rhinebeck, NY, Omega offers weekend and weeklong seminars covering topics like Mind, Body, Spirit; Health & Healing; Relationships and Family; Leadership & Work; and Sustainable Living. I don’t know of anyone who returns from an Omega workshop disappointed. Seriously. There’s something for every kind of wellness seeker. Here’s a sample of  some upcoming workshops that might be perfect for you, but check out their full roster!

1. Insight Meditation for Beginners – Geared towards beginners, but also great for those looking for inspiration to add to existing practices, and for professionals who want to share techniques with clients. Insight Meditation, also know as Vipassana Meditation, is an ancient form of meditation where emphasis is placed on grounding our attention in the present moment.

Details: Weekend of June 3rd, 2016 – June 5th, 2016;  taught by Matthew Daniell;  $185-$410.

2. Omega Wellness Weekend — This is the perfect way to get a sample of what Omega is all about. In this weekend, learn from three experts about holistic well-being. Topics will include: naturopathic and functional medicine, food and nutrition, and intuition. The goal of this weekend is for you to find inner balance and gain knowledge of what you need to thrive.

Details: Weekend of June 24th, 2016 – June 26th, 2016; taught by Tom Francescott, Kathy Fitzgerald, and Wayne Homsi; $310.

3. Meridian Yoga (The Art of Energy Flow) – This workshop is all about unblocking energy. When our energy is blocked, we’re not functioning at the optimal wellness level that we could be. Learn about your body’s energy pathways and how to release stored tension with techniques including yoga, qi gong, breathing exercises and shiatsu message. The result? You know when you feel so good standing on your own two feet — literally and figuratively? There you go!

Details: Weekend of June 10th, 2016 – June 12th, 2016; taught by Daniel Orlansky; price $305.

Bonus: Can’t travel? There are also Online Workshops!

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