Wanderlust – Multiple Locations


Let’s just call it what it is: a Mecca for mindfulness, community, positivity, exploration, and fun. There is a lot going at Wanderlust. A lot. However, don’t let the thought of constant crowds put you off. Amid the energetic and intoxicating atmosphere, there are plenty of moments to find solitude and … just be. Thanks in no small part to the sheer exquisiteness of this festival’s many locations like Squaw Valley, Aspen, Snowmass, Whistler BC, and more.

Yoga classes are plentiful, teachers are top tier, and all levels are welcome. Vinyasa, aerial and standup paddle boarding — everything is there. Meditation sessions are plentiful and let’s not forget the music. There are dj’d yoga classes, guided meditations that incorporate music, dance parties, and the Electric Main Stage, where music of all varieties are scheduled throughout the event. The Food Co-Op, Beauty Bar by Aveda, and hanging out in the “Uncommons” just add to the dynamism.

What draws many is the amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Hiking and nature walks are available, but there is something deep about being in a certain setting and just gazing out over the horizon. Perhaps the best meditation?

Come solo, with friends, or family. It’s just people positive. Check out more information here about all the different locations and more festival information.


Summer Workshops at Omega Institute


With the tagline, “Awakening the best in the human spirit,” there’s a lot to love about the Omega Institute. Located in idyllic Rhinebeck, NY, Omega offers weekend and weeklong seminars covering topics like Mind, Body, Spirit; Health & Healing; Relationships and Family; Leadership & Work; and Sustainable Living. I don’t know of anyone who returns from an Omega workshop disappointed. Seriously. There’s something for every kind of wellness seeker. Here’s a sample of  some upcoming workshops that might be perfect for you, but check out their full roster!

1. Insight Meditation for Beginners – Geared towards beginners, but also great for those looking for inspiration to add to existing practices, and for professionals who want to share techniques with clients. Insight Meditation, also know as Vipassana Meditation, is an ancient form of meditation where emphasis is placed on grounding our attention in the present moment.

Details: Weekend of June 3rd, 2016 – June 5th, 2016;  taught by Matthew Daniell;  $185-$410.

2. Omega Wellness Weekend — This is the perfect way to get a sample of what Omega is all about. In this weekend, learn from three experts about holistic well-being. Topics will include: naturopathic and functional medicine, food and nutrition, and intuition. The goal of this weekend is for you to find inner balance and gain knowledge of what you need to thrive.

Details: Weekend of June 24th, 2016 – June 26th, 2016; taught by Tom Francescott, Kathy Fitzgerald, and Wayne Homsi; $310.

3. Meridian Yoga (The Art of Energy Flow) – This workshop is all about unblocking energy. When our energy is blocked, we’re not functioning at the optimal wellness level that we could be. Learn about your body’s energy pathways and how to release stored tension with techniques including yoga, qi gong, breathing exercises and shiatsu message. The result? You know when you feel so good standing on your own two feet — literally and figuratively? There you go!

Details: Weekend of June 10th, 2016 – June 12th, 2016; taught by Daniel Orlansky; price $305.

Bonus: Can’t travel? There are also Online Workshops!

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, Joyful Eating in Sante Fe


Joan Borysenko’s Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, is a classic. I love it because she’s a straight-talker, and if you want to learn about how to get your emotional “house” in order — she’s your woman. She now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and recently announced a fall retreat.

Her most recent book, The Plant Plus Diet Solution is all about cutting through the mixed (and sometimes plain wrong!) information about nutrition out there and helping you find the foods that make you thrive. Remember she’s not only a psychologist, but a Harvard-trained cell biologist. This woman knows the body and, more importantly, how it can truly  heal itself. This retreat brings together all the things that Borysenko seems to hold dear: accessible nutrition information, mind-body medicine, spirituality (Hello, Sante Fe!), community, and good food. Come prepared to learn, share, cook, and have fun in a gorgeous part of the world. Yoga and pretty fantastic hiking trails also to enjoy.

Location: The Immaculate Heart of Mary (IHM) Retreat and Conference Center, which is minutes from downtown Sante Fe, with the Sangre de Cristos mountain peak as your backdrop. (Can you smell those Pinon pine trees yet?)

Dates: September 7-11, 2016

Cost: Commuter (no lodging) – $1,495; Single Occupancy – $1,795; Double Occupancy – $1,675

The Takeaway? You will create a Nutrition-For-Life Plan with Borysenko herself, meet fellow members of what I like to call your “global tribe of well-being seekers,” and soak up the je ne sais quoi that is Sante Fe. There is something very special about this place. Oh, and not to worry if folk art isn’t your thing. I hear you. Just take the time to explore. And don’t miss the Georgia O’Keeffe museum!

Find out more here: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, Joyful Eating

One Fine Stay – Hotel Alternative


New alternatives to Airbnb continue coming to market and one in particular just caught my eye — One Fine Stay. If you are design-driven, want a little more luxury and 24/7 support, One Fine Stay might be the answer to your lodging prayers. With inventory in London, New York, Paris, LA, and Rome, the company offers great options for both business and personal travel needs.

OFS wants to set the bar for the luxury sharing economy and offers the following to guests: free Wifi, complementary iPhone with free data and local calls, toiletries, towels/beautiful linens, cleaning service, 24/7 phone support, and local recommendations. Best of all: you are greeted in person upon arrival at each property. Here’s a look at another option in Paris …


Design junkies be warned: you might lose a few hours going through the inventory. Price points between $140-$1400 ensure that there’s luxury available for a range of budgets.

Now, Paris is not Paris without dining out … a lot!!! BUT, now that you’ll have your own kitchen, don’t forget these great organic health food stores for easy snacks, breakfast foods, or any other petites choses you might have left at home: Naturalia, and Bio C Bon.

One Fine Stay


Massage On The Go With Zeel


“Sorry, we’re completely booked.” These are words that can cause deep psychic pain. You’re already feeling your shoulders slowly creeping up to your ears from stress and now you’re even more stressed out trying to find a massage appointment. What to do?  As you stand clutching the phone, thinking about that vaguely sketchy “express chair massage” place … stop. Put the phone down and go to ZEEL.

Easy. Easy. Easy. Within five minutes (literally!) you can plug in your location, the type of massage you like, and duration of treatment. Within 24 hours you can have a therapist coming to your home. What I like about ZEEL is that they extensively vet all their therapists and perform background checks. All are licensed and have in-person interviews with ZEEL staff. ZEEL also reciprocates by paying their therapists better than most salons and spas. This means you (madam customer) are happy, and the therapist is happy. Happy is good. Happy means a good massage.

Safe, professional … easy. Check out ZEEL!


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